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This product includes a passive infrared sensor (PIR) detection sensor board that picks up the radiation from people up to 5 meters away. Triggering the PIR will set off a signal to produce barking dog sounds. There are two choices for the barking dog sound: a pack of barking dogs or a single barking dog. The volume of the sound is adjustable. Uses for this kit include security systems.

Note: The FK kit requires fine soldering of some very small components. If you are not experienced with very fine soldering, please consider the assembled FA518 option! 


Product Specifications

Power supply


Power consumption

.02mA. (standby), 325mA. (working, @ 8 Ohms 0.25W.)

Detection range

4-5 meters.

PCB dimension (sensor board)

1.21” x 1.01”

PCB dimension (main board)

1.58” x 2.21”

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