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Hand Crafted
Coffee Table Railroads by Bakatronics

Above Layout Includes: 
Glass topped coffee tables with glass front and sides
Plexiglass sliding back window for easy access
Drawer type control panel
Bakatronics Electronic MicroChip Controller, Programmable

Top quality materials
Table Hand Crafted from domestic Red Oak

Power supply
Electronically sequenced train & trolley lines
One Passenger Train set (Choice of Steam or Diesel engines)
One Freight Train Set. (Diesel engine and 3 cars)
One Trolley (Bachman)

Operating crossing signals
Operating traffic lights
Sequence lighting in buildings for "lived in look"
Scenes on two levels with tracks underneath to "hide" the train between station stops
Sculptured scenery, roads, trees, grass, rock, tunnels, people, and vehicles
Standard buildings included: two multi story buildings, station platform, and three residential houses
Wireless remote control to turn coffee table railroad on & off.

Sequenced sounds, railroad, fire engines, cows, circus, etc.
"Building on fire" scene with fire engine
Accident scenes (we love new ideas and challenges)
Special Engines, steam or diesel
Cars, passenger or freight
Specail Buildings & structures
Custom Signs, Lighted
Fiber Optic Lighting, Car head lights, walkways, etc.
Special requests always considered, you dream it we build it
Scratch built custom buildings & Scenes
Additional programmed "MicroChips" to change operation sequence
Custom Sizes Available upon request.

Overall size, 28" wide x 48" long x 18 1/2" high
Low Maintenance
Dust resistant
Automatic or manual operation
Unique electronic designs
Realistic operation and operating schedules
Fits well in most living areas
Unique conversation pieces
Built to become a family heirloom

Power Supply:
Fused 50 watt 120 volt AC with 5 and 12 volt regulated DC outputs

Completed Tables with Operating Layouts start at $4,495. FOB Wallingford CT.
Table pictured above with installed options is $4,995.

Delivery time is 26-30 weeks after receipt of 50% deposit

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Bakatronics custom manufactures model railroad furniture. Add life to your living room with these custom built & hand crafted railroads.

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