BK-201 Emergency Vehicle Flasher
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8 LED Emergency Vehicle Flasher / Strobe Lights.

Here is a great kit to bring Emergency Vehicles to "Life" Use on Police, Fire, Contruction, Ambulance, school Buses and Highway Maintenance Vehicles. LEDs can be wired to board with hook up wire provided with kit to allow the LEDs to be mounted into vechicles. You can also use Fiber Optic Cable to put emercency lights in HO, N and Z vehicles. (See Bakatronics Fiber Optic kit and extra cable sizes)

Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option.


Small Compact Circuit 1" wide x 2 3/8" long approx 1/2" high
MicroComputer IC controlled with 9 Emergency Light Programs Installed (see modes below)
IC can be reprogrammed or changed to run additional programs
High Quality Circuit Board
Operates on Input power of 6 to 16 Volts DC.
Voltage Regulator include in circuit
IC Socket to easily change MicroComputer Chip
96" of hook up wire for LEDs (24" of four colors)
Reverse Polarity Protected Circuit
Circuit is expandable as new options become available
Custom Programs can be added
8 Red 5mm Standard brightness LEDs included

Nine Selectable Pattern Modes:


1: Emergency Flasher 1. Rapidly Strobes 4 LEDs 4 times then the other 4 LEDs 4 times. Great for Police, Fire Ambulance, Etc


2: Emergency Flasher 2. Faster Strobes of 4 LEDs 3 times then the others. Police, Ambulance, Fire, etc


3: Random flasher. Flashes LEDs in a random sequence


4: Lights up LEDs 1 thru 8 until all are lit. Then all off and repeat


5: Lights up all LEDs then turns them off one at a time from 8 to 1, then repeat


6:Alternating Flasher. Slow alternates flashes between LEDs 1-4 then LEDs 5-8. Use for RR crossings, Police car headlights, barriers etc.


7: Stobing Alternating and pulsing. Used for police light bar (see video)


8: Strobing and pulsing 2, Used for Model police cars light bar and wig wag headlights (see video)


9: Strobing pulsing 3, Used on police and construction or mantainence vehicles (see video)






Assembly by Bakatronics (LEDs supplied loose for customer to install in scene or vehicle)
LEDs in different colors & sizes
Custom Flashing rates & Sequences
Other Color LEDs
9 Volt Battery Clip
AC Power Adapter
Driver chip to allow heavier loads on each output, multiple LEDs per output, or small bulbs. 500ma per output max.

The completed circuit board is 1" wide, 2 3/8" long and about 1/2" high.

The kit comes complete with Circuit Board, Components, 3mm standard red LEDs a Pre-Programmed MicroController IC, and Assembly Instructions. This kit requires soldering to assemble the kit. A 15-30 watt fine tip soldering iron is recommended.

BK201 Assembled with optional driver circuit

Customer Comment:

Just recently built one of the BK-201 modules and I must say that it 
is FANTASTIC! I've installed nine 1mm LED's on a GHQ series ambulance with 
appropriate dropping resistors and the results were stunning! Definitely 
bookmarking your website for future ideas!






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