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BK-110 Tower Beacon / Flasher
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BK-110 Tower Beacon / Flasher
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BK-110 Tower Beacon / Flasher
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Tower  Flasher Kit  

Video Link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMqm092ztB0

Here is a great kit to bring a tower, runway, large tank, radio tower or tall buildings to life! The kit includes a preprogrammed MicroComputer that has three independent programs. Program 1 slowly increases the bightness of a single 3mm Super Bright Red LED, then the MicroController decreases the intensity to simulate the light fading. Then two Super Bright White LEDs flash in unison. The cycle then repeats over and over again. Program 2 flashes 2 Superbright 3mm White LEDs and a 3mm Super Bright LED in a strobing pulse type flash. Program 3 flashes each LED in sequence then repeats over and over. Great for O, HO and N Scale  Towers or buildings. Assembly is fairly simple due to the small number of parts. Program can be selected with a simple push button on the circuit board, included in the kit. Photo is of a typical BK-100 series assembly and may vary in resistors & outputs used for each paticular kit.

Don't have room tower on your layout! You can always make a backdrop showing a small tower in the distance with the LED mounted in the backdrop for a great effect

Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option.


Small Compact Circuit fits inside most HO & N Scale buildings
MicroComputer IC with two Tower Programs Installed
IC can be reprogrammed or replaced to run additional programs
High Quality Circuit Board
Voltage Regulator include in circuit
IC Socket to easily change MicroComputer Chip
6" Leads for LED and Power Input
Reverse Polarity Protected Circuit
Circuit is expandable as options become available
Custom Programs can be added


Assembly by Bakatronics
5mm Red LED
Plastic Enclosures
Other Color LEDs
9 Volt Battery Clip
On Off Switch

The completed circuit board is 3/4" wide, 2" long and about 1/2" high.

The kit comes complete with Circuit Board, Components, 1 Super Bright 3mm Red LED, 2 Super Bright 3mm White LED, a Pre-Programmed MicroController IC, 6" LED and Power leads and Assembly Instructions. This kit requires soldering to assemble the kit. A 15- 30 watt soldering iron is recommended.

Want to use incandescent bulbs or large arrays of LEDs? We now offer an add on driver circuit kit and instructions as an option when you purchase this item.

Have Fun!

Item Options
Assembly Options
Un-assembled Kit requiring assembly by soldering
Assembled by Bakatronics (Add $9.99)
Optional Items
9 Volt Battery Clip (Add $0.99)
Slide Switch (Add $0.99)
PS-12700 12 Volt Power Supply, 700ma (Add $9.95)
BT-103 Airport Beacon Tower, N Scale or Z (Add $9.99)
BT-103H Airport Beacon Tower, HO Scale (Add $29.99)
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Tower Beacon / Flasher Kit. Two programs. One program makes 
a 3mm Red LED slowly brighten and slowly fade while two 
LEDs strobe, like a tall building or radio or other tower 

    Hand Crafted Collector's Coffee Tables, by Baka...

Perfect for your collection or display of: Department 56, Harmony Kingdom, Harbor Lights, NASCAR, Beanie Babies, etc.

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