BR-410 HO Runway Lighting Kit
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BR-410 HO
Additional 5mm LEDs
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The kit includes materials to typically light a runway with taxiway up 70" long. For longer runways use additional kits

Kit includes:

8 Super Bright 5 mm White LEDs
8 Super Bright 5 mm Blue LEDs
40 Feet of .040" Fiber Optic Cable
16 12-16 volt Resistors
16" 5mm shrink tubing
Hook-Up Instructions for LEDs and Fiber Optic Lights
Runway Layout

Build your HO Scale runway and add the Blue Taxiway and White Runway lighting using our LEDs and Fiber Optic Cable. Simply wire up the LEDs to a 12-16 volt DC power source and run the Fiber Optic cable to each point you want a small white or blue light. Each LED can be the light source for 6-8 strands of Fiber Optic Cable making 6-8 small runway or taxiway lights approx 3.5" dia.

Assembly and installation requires soldering and basic wiring skills. A drill and 1/16" bit are also needed to install the fiber optics.

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