BK-109 Simulated Blacksmith Forge fire
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Blacksmith's Forge Kit with pulsing to simulate bellows pumping.

See video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndAXos7Vz7o

Micro-Processor controlled special effects circuit to simulate a pulsing & flashing Blacksmith's Forge fire. The microprocessor increases, deceases and pulses the brightness of a  5mm Super Bright Red LED in a fashion that simulates a small fire in a Blacksmith's Forge. The microprocessor increases and decreases the brightness of an LED to simulate the pumping of air with a bellows into the fire in the forge. After several pumps the brightness remains constant for a time, then slowly fades away to a set level. It remains steady for a while and the begins the process over again and ramps up the fire. Photo is of a typical BK-1xx series kit and may vary in resistors & outputs used for this kit.

Mount the 5 mm LED in a Forge scene with just the tip of the LED sticking up. Then put small coal type ballast around it to make the forge look realistic.

Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option.


Small Compact Circuit
MicroComputer IC controlled with Campfire program Installed.
IC can be reprogrammed or changed to run additional programs
High Quality Circuit Board
Voltage Regulator include in circuit
IC Socket to easily change MicroComputer Chip
8" Leads for LEDs and Power Input
Reverse Polarity Protected Circuit
Circuit is expandable as new options become available
Custom Programs can be added
Red 5mm Super Bright LED included


HO or N Scale Detail Kit, includes Laser Cut Anvil, Forge, Bellows, Exhaust Hood & Brick Chimney.
Requires assembly with wood glue
HO & N Scale Anvils (Laser Cut for easy assembly)
HO & N Scale Forge & Bellows Kits (Laser Cut for easy assembly)
HO & N Scale Exhaust Hood kits (Laser Cut)
Assembly of Electronic Circuit by Bakatronics
Plastic Enclosures
Custom  Flashing Sequences
Other Color LEDs
5mm LEDs
9 Volt Battery Clip
On Off Switch

The completed circuit board is 3/4" wide, 2" long and about 1/2" high.

The kit comes complete with Circuit Board, Components, Bright  5mm Red LED a Pre-Programmed MicroController IC, 12" LED and Power leads and Assembly Instructions. This kit requires soldering to assemble the kit. A 15-30 watt soldering iron is recommended.

Photo of Optional Laser Cut parts to complete the scene. Can be purchased separately or as a package!
Forge Parts

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