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MXA068 Heavy Duty 50 AM PWM DC Control
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MXA068 Heavy Duty 50 AM PWM DC Control
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MXA068 Heavy Duty 50 AM PWM DC Control
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$73.99 (6 to 9 units)
$72.22 (10 to 15 units)
$70.99 (16 to 49 pcs)
$68.99 (50 to 99 Units)
$67.99 (100 and more (18-27 days for delivery))

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Heavy Duty 50 Amp @ 12 VDC Version PWM with new features:

Selectable 100 Hz Fixed or 400hz to 3,000hz adjustable Frequency Control.
Much Larger Heat Sink for better heat dissipation Each sink is 2 1/4" x 1 3/8" x 3/4" thick.
12 Spade Connectors (3 for each input and output) for better Power Connections
Six Large Capacity MOSFETs

- PCB dimensions :  2.6" x 4.5"
- Generic Enclosure : FB09 Plastic Enclosure 5" x 7.5" x 2.5" deep (see item FB09)

- Power supply : 8 to 30 VDC
- Freqency adjustable from 400hz-3khz by using jumper
- Load voltage : 8 to 30 VDC
- LED Power on indicator
- Output : controlled DC motor by PWM (Pulse With Modulation).
- Large Spades on circuit board for ease of connection.
- Obtain low speed operation of DC motors without sacrificing torque

- Range : 0-100 % adjustable Duty Cycle
-100 Hrz Fixed Frequency of operation or 400hz to 3khz adjustable
-LM324 and  6 Heavy Duty IRF1404 MOSFETs with Large Heavy Duty Heat Sinks

- Fully Assembled and Tested.
- Ready to hook up and use in your project or OEM Product
- Replacement MOSFETs Available

*CF-268 Cooling fans recommended

Optional Amp Meter available 50Amp


Some popular uses:

Motor Control,

Hydrogen Electrolysis of water for practical and experimental purposes*. (Maybe you can be the one to solve the energy crisis by turning water into a clean burning fuel!!)

DC Light Dimmers

LED Lighting Dimmers

Heating Control

*Bakatronics LLC makes no claims or warranty as to the fitness or design of this product for the use in generating hydrogen,  HHO gas or other applications. The purchaser is soley responsible for the design and application and assumes all risks. Bakatronics LLC shall not be liable for any damages to equipment or for any bodily harm. Our maximum liability is strictly limited to the purchase price of the MX066 at the time of original sale. Bakatronics LLC also shall not be responsible for units damaged by improper hook up or overloading! It is the purchaser's responsibility to properly protect the unit form overloads. If Bakatronics LLC inpsection determines a unit to be defective, Bakatronics LLC will repair, repair or refund the purchase price at our option. Bakatronics LLC reserve the right to refuse to sell units to anyone that in Bakatronics LLC opinion, is not using the unit properly. Final warranty lies with original manufacturer of the MX067 module.

Item Options
Knob for 1/4" shaft Pot (Add $3.38)
Crimp Terminal for #10-12 Wire (Add $3.00)
Crimp Terminal for #10-12 Wire, Round (Add $3.00)
60mm (2.3") 12 Volt DC Cooling Fan (Add $15.98)
Metal Fan Guard for 60mm cooling fan (Add $3.98)
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Pulse Width Modulation Control, Uses: Motor Control, DC Dimmer, Electrolysis, Heating control. 50 Amps Heavy Duty @ 12 volts DC. Fully Assembled & Tested
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