BK Series Bakatronics Exclusives
Bakatronics Designed Kits for the Model Railroad.
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BKD-2000 6 Amp Current Detector
6 volt 800 ma DC Power Supply for use with multiple BK-100 & BK-200 Series Kits. Power supply is 6 volts DC @ 800 ma current draw. The voltage may be higher at lower current draws.
CA-1000 DCC Automatic Revering unit with station stops Click more info for complete details

5.5 Volt 300ma Regulated DC Power Supply for BK-100 & BK-200 Series Kits.
Bakatronics LLC Alternating Flasher BA-1002.
LM78L05 5 Volt Positive Voltage Regulator, 150ma, various manufacturers, replacement for all BK-1xx & BK-2xx kits

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