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Bakatronics manufactures electronic circuits for use on your model railroads.  They enhance, and bring life to your layout!

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Misc. accessories and spare parts for use with other Bakatronics electronic kits.
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Kit makes 4 small lights or LEDS chase in 6 different patterns
Kit makes 7 LEDs chase like the Atomic Energy Symbol. Great for displays or make your friends think you have nuclear material. See Details
Kit makes 25 LEDs chase in steps making it look like a rotating Windmill. Great for displays to attract attention. See Details

Kit makes two LEDs blink very rapidly while the button is pushed, release the button and only one of the LEDs will light depending when the button is release. Great for games or those critical decisions.
Kit makes 7 Super Bright LEDs Flash on and off in a round pattern. Adjustable speed
Kit makes 11 LEDs Flash in a Star Pattern. Adjustable speed

Kit makes a simple 6 LED VU Meter.
Kit makes a Microphone preAmp circuit. works with 12 volt power supply
Kit makes an interesting device that indicates the level of moisture in the soil

Kit makes a circuit to maake sound effects to simulate a Horse. Comes Complete with 2" speaker.

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