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Bakatronics manufactures electronic circuits for use on your model railroads.  They enhance, and bring life to your layout!

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Misc. accessories and spare parts for use with other Bakatronics electronic kits.
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Kit makes a multi function adjustable timer switch circuit. 0-3 hours Control devices from 1-220 Volts AC or DC
This is a warning and water pump level control circuit for checking water level and control the water pump automatically. See More Info Kit requires assembly by soldering
Kit makes a Solid State Relay capable of switching loads up to 220 VAC with small input signal (5-15 volts DC).

This is a energy-saving LED lamp. It is the same as a flashlight. A good thing of this circuit is selecting two power supply as 12VDC or 220VAC. Kit requires assembly by soldering
Kit makes a sensitive Whisper Amplifier Circuit
Kit makes a circuit to maake sound effects to simulate a Lion. Comes Complete with 2" speaker.

The Ultimate Welder Kit with Pausing, Sound, Sparks and Glowing Iron effects. Micro processor controlled special effects. Click "more Info" for details & options. Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option.
Kit makes a circuit to make sound effects to simulate a Siren.
Kit makes a Voice Activated Switch that goes on with the 1st noise and off with the next noise.

Kit makes a light activated alarm. Possible use in Refridgerator as open door warning

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