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Bakatronics manufactures electronic circuits for use on your model railroads.  They enhance, and bring life to your layout!

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Misc. accessories and spare parts for use with other Bakatronics electronic kits.
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Fiber optic kit with light sources and instructions for making your own mini lights on your Model Railroad.
Kit makes a circuit to maake sound effects to simulate a Wolf. Comes Complete with 2" speaker. Available assembled only
Tower Beacon / Flasher Kit. Two programs. One program makes a 3mm Red LED slowly brighten and slowly fade while two White LEDs strobe, like a tall building or radio or other tower light.

Kit makes an 8 Watt per channel Mono Power Amp. works with 12 volt power supply
Kit makes ten LEDs Flash alternately leaving 5 lights on and 5 off at a time in a circular pattern. See details
FK135 Two Color Two LED Flasher Kit with 5mm Red Green LEDs

Kit makes 21 LEDs chase like an Arrow Sign. Great for signs or displays. Adjustable speed. See Details
Kit makes a pair of 3 volt bulbss Flash Alternately at a speed similar to a blinking railroad crossing light. see details
$6.99  $5.99
This kit simulates a fire inside of a building using LEDs and random flashing. See new video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVCERsOsZzM

Kit makes a multi function adjustable timer switch circuit. 0-3 hours Control devices from 1-220 Volts AC or DC

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