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Kit makes a circuit to maake sound effects to simulate Ghostly spooky sounds. Comes Complete with 2" speaker.
Kit makes an Infrared Sensor that can detect people & animals from up to 18 feet away
FK430 Kit makes a 1,000 Watt 120 / 220 Volt AC Fan Motor Speed Control. Available Assembled only

Kit makes a circuit to maake sound effects to simulate a Owl sound.
Kit makes a simple 6 LED VU Meter. See details for current inventory!
Kit makes an LED flash like the strobe on a building top when it gets dark using a opto sensor. Also can look like a Fire Fly at night. See details

Kit makes a Digital Temperature Controller, requires assembly Click on "more info" for details and options
Kit makes a 6-9-12 volt 50ma DC Power Regulator.
Kit makes 10 LED chases two LED at a time center, then reverses & changes color and repeats the cycle 9-12 volts DC power required. See details

Kit makes a 6-9-12 Volt Regulated Power Supply, complete with step down Transformer
Assembled Unit makes a circuit to make sound effects to simulate a Elephant. Comes Complete with 2" speaker.
$9.99  $8.99
Kit makes 5 LEDs light up when the telephone rings. Uses Power from phone circuit

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