FK400 Series Timers & Control Kits
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FK415 Kit makes a 500 Watt 120 / 220 Volt AC Dimmer
Kit makes an Infrared Sensor that can detect people & animals from up to 18 feet away. Has delayed off from 0-5 minutes. Relay on circuit board for up to 500 watts AC or DC
Kit makes a magnetic switch activated alarm when a intruder comes through the door or window.

Kit makes an Infrared Burgular Alarm Kit. Uses an invisible Infrared beam between transmitter and receiver circuit boards to detect someone breaking the beam. 9 volt DC
Kit makes an Electronic Code Switch to Control devices from 1-220 Volts AC or DC by entering a code preset by the user. Lock out unauthorized users from your trains and / or equipment
This five channel infrared remote is used for controlling the electric equipment with infrared remote control. Kit requires assembly by soldering (unless assembled option is selected)

Kit makes a light activated chime when a visitor or intruder comes through the door and breaks the light beam.
Kit makes a light activated remote control switch.
Kit makes a Dark activated switch.

FK513 PIR Sensor Kit with Door Bell Ding Dong Sound

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