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Telephone Cut off Timer kit to limit the length of phone calls. Kit includes all components and circuit board. Kit requires assembly by soldering.
Kit makes a Mono to Stereo Simulator. Works with 12 volt DC power supply
Kit makes a transmiiter to transmit telephone call on FM 88- 108 Mhz. Uses Power from phone circuit

This circuit creates a receiving telephone circuit that suits those who want to learn about the telephone operation.
Automatically Activates Recording device when the phone is picked up, Special order contact us for price & delivery
A receiving intercomm circuit that suits those who want to learn about the operation.

This circuit is very easy and fun to use. When the telephone line is on hold, this circuit enables music to play through the telephone!
$4.99  $4.49
A mini dual station intercom recommended for use at home.
$11.99  $10.99

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