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Bakatronics manufactures electronic circuits for use on your model railroads.  They enhance, and bring life to your layout!

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Misc. accessories and spare parts for use with other Bakatronics electronic kits.
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Xenon strobe kit makes very bright flashing pulses.
Kit makes a circuit to make sound effects to simulate a Fire Siren. Comes Complete with 2" speaker.
Kit makes a Non Contact AC Voltage Detector Click on "more info" for details and options

This Item No Longer Available! Kit makes a circuit to make sound effects to simulate a Bell. Comes Complete with Piezo Buzzer.
Kit makes Five LEDs Flash Alternately 3 on and off and then 2 on and 3 off. See detailed description for complete information.
Kit makes a 20 to 60 second digital sound recorder. Can be recorded over and over 100,000 times with included Microphone & Speaker included

The Rings of Saturn flash on this neat kit. See details
Kit makes 15 LEDs light up from the center LED out in both directions, then starts over again. Adjustable speed and can be set to chase and hold. Can be used as third tail light for nice effect.
Kit makes an 8 Watt per channel Mono Power Amp. works with 12 volt power supply

Kit makes a circuit to maake sound effects to simulate a Lion. Comes Complete with 2" speaker.

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